Who Are Good Candidates for a Smile Card Cost-Saving Membership?

Terms and Conditions

This is not an insurance product.
Individuals covered by dental insurance are not eligible for the Smile Card*.
Monthly payment plan must be established prior to treatment.
Plan is canceled if the bank returns a monthly payment and no refunds will be given.
The Smile Card* is valid for one year from the date of enrollment.
The Smile Card* can be renewed yearly.
Fees for other treatment must be paid in full at time of service.
Any treatment not paid for at the time of service will be billed at the usual, customary, and reason- able rate.
The purchase of a Smile Card* is non-refundable.
*The Smile Card is a Trademark of Brilliant Smiles
No other discounts apply

Our Low-Cost, Co-Payment Schedule

Preventive Dental Care

  • Comprehensive Exam

    Regular Fee


    Your Fee


  • Periodic Exam

    Regular Fee


    Your Fee


  • X-rays with Cleaning

    Regular Fee


    Your Fee


  • Cleaning (2 times)

    Regular Fee


    Your Fee


  • Periodontal Chart

    Regular Fee


    Your Fee



(composite/ tooth colored)
  • Surface Fillings

    You Save $30

Crown & Implants

  • All Porcelain Crown

    You Save $138

  • Implants

    You Save $206

  • Crown over implant

    You Save $149


  • Complete Denture

    You Save $162

  • Partial Denture

    You Save $172

  • Denture Reline

    You Save $40

Other Treatment

  • Emergency Exam

    You Save $10

  • Bite Guard

    You Save $47

  • Posterior Root Canal

    You Save $110

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening

    You Save $50

  • Full Invisalign

    You Save $558

* Receive 10% off all other services