#COOL MOMS (PLUS A SPECIAL OFFER!) (xenia dentist xenia cosmetic dentistry)

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xenia dentist xenia cosmetic dentistry

Moms are the best!   If you are a Mom, you know that there’s not always time to focus on yourself and your health.  So with Mother’s Day just around the corner we thought we would take a moment to suggest some easy ways (no Botox or plastic surgery involved) to brighten up your look, take care of your oral health, and keep everyone guessing about your age.

  • Get rid of those old dark fillings:  Modern, non-toxic tooth-colored restorations are a great investment.  Not only will you look younger, these fabulous composite fillings are less likely to break and crack so so you’ll be better protected against damage and decay in the years to come.
  • Treat yourself to whitening:  As we age, teeth tend to darken naturally, although “adult” beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine can speed up the process.  Whitening is one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring that youthful glow back to your smile.
  • Consider veneersAre your teeth chipped, stained, cracked, misshapen or all of the above?  Dental veneers can give you the flawless smile you’ve always wanted.  And a flawless smile exudes radiance and confidence. Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that fit perfectly over teeth and can completely transform a smile in just a few visits.
  • Straighten things up:  Even if your teeth are naturally straight, shifting can occur after years of biting, chewing, and grinding.  Facial muscles can also change over time which can lead to crookedness.  Invisalign™ Orthodontics is a fantastic way to fix these issues without wires and metal in as little as 10 weeks!
  • Missing some teeth?  Tooth loss is never fun and can make you feel and look older.  Dental implants are simply amazing.  Not only can they keep your smile and the structure of your mouth intact, they can help you eat, speak, and smile more naturally.  Gaps in the mouth due to missing teeth will cause the existing teeth to move in order to fill the gaps, and can result in a poor bite and a crooked smile.  Also, missing teeth can lead to bone loss in the jaw which can give the face that dreaded sunken-in appearance.  Implants can help keep the bone structure in place while keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can dramatically improve your smile leading to more confidence and a better quality of life.  And contact us for a special Mothers Day offer!  (Hint:  It’s an amazing offer on KoR Whitening!)  We wish all of you remarkable moms out there a beautiful Mothers Day filled with family and fun!

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xenia dentist xenia cosmetic dentistry

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xenia cosmetic dentistry YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL…

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xenia cosmetic dentistry

Did you know…

We are your one-stop shop for all of your dental needs!  Do you have tooth discomfort that is keeping you awake at night?  Call us or schedule online and we’ll work you in so you can be pain-free.  Have you been told you need a root canal only to find you have to wait months to see a specialist?  We treat many such cases in our practice without the need for a referral.  Or are you simply unhappy with your smile and not sure what to do about it?  From teeth whitening to Invisalign to a comprehensive smile makeover… we can help.

There is no reason to wait!  Visit us here to learn more.

xenia cosmetic dentistry

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(bellbrook dentist spring valley dentist xenia dentist) IT’S NOVEMBER

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bellbrook dentist spring valley dentist xenia dentist

Thanksgiving is almost here…that means Turkey trots, pumpkin pie, cornucopias, and Black Friday.  And the holiday music…don’t even get me started!  Are you a pre-Thanksgiving holiday music person or do you cringe at the thought of hearing Jingle Bell Rock 50 times before the fourth Thursday in November?  Anyway, now that the cold and crisp weather seems to be here to stay, I feel inspired…so inspired that I’ve come up with another Top 10 list.  The subject for this list is:


Here goes…

10.  Don’t throw your money away!  You pay for them…use them!  While there is a lot of deviation among plans, most pay for 2 cleanings and exams per year.  These appointments are very important because your hygienist can get to areas that your toothbrush and floss simply cannot reach, thus finding potential problems before they turn into major (and expensive) issues.

 9.  Unused benefits do not rollover.  Any amount left is lost on January 1st.  Imagine waking up after a New Year’s Eve celebration realizing you’ve lost money.  And not just because you bought way too much champagne.

8.  Prices never seem to go down.  (Just ask those of us in the process of re-enrolling in our health insurance plans.)  “Tis the season to plan in advance.  Consider NOT putting off dental treatment this year to help compensate for increased costs next year.

7.  Don’t waste that deductible.  Most dental plans have a deductible that resets every year.  It is the amount of money you have to pay out of your own pocket before your dental insurance will cover anything.  If you put off treatment and it resets, you will have to pay that money all over again before you can get any coverage in the new year.

 6.  You haven’t used your yearly maximum coverage amount.  As an example many dental plans have a yearly maximum of $1000 of coverage.  Let’s say you’ve already used $500 and now you need a crown (not the kind a princess wears.)  If you postpone that treatment and let the maximum reset at the new year, say “buh-bye” to the $500 you could have used toward that getting that crown done.

5.  Dental problems don’t get better over time.  You say to yourself, “It’s not hurting now, why should I get treated for something that doesn’t even hurt?”  Because…what may be a simple cavity now can turn into the dreaded root canal or extraction down the road.  You only have one set of teeth.  Take care of them now and they will thank you for it later on.

4.  FSA accounts.  These accounts are set up using pre-tax money and can be used to pay for various dental services including co-pays and treatments not covered by your dental insurance plan (think orthodontics needed for dental health reasons.)  Depending on the type of FSA you have, you may only have until the end of the year to use the money in your account.  Carefully check your plan benefits to be sure you are making the most of this tax benefit.

3.  You can beat the holiday rush!  With school holiday breaks, slots can fill up quickly in December.  When you make your appointments early on to ensure you can be seen before the end of the year AND maximize your dental benefits you become a master of multi-tasking!

2.  Delaying dental treatment WILL affect your overall health.  And not in a good way. Infection from the mouth can travel to the different parts of your body and cause serious problems (think heart disease and diabetes.)  Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. Give it the respect it deserves.

And the #1 reason to use your dental benefits before they expire…

1.  Health is Wealth.  Wealth doesn’t just mean an abundance of money.  Wealth can be attributed to every dollar you save because you are not sick.  Avoid the stress of undergoing complex and expensive dental procedures by having regular dental cleanings and exams.  You will be so much better off in the long run.  And your mouth and body will thank you…click here to learn more.

We here at Brilliant Smiles are thankful for you, our patients.  We wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, fun, and overflowing plates.

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bellbrook dentist spring valley dentist xenia dentist

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FROSTY’S DILEMNA emergency dental xenia

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emergency dental xenia

Is 2017 the year you’re going to make your smile whiter and brighter?  If so, we have great news:  After spending a significant amount of time researching all of the whitening treatments available, Dr. Austria is excited to offer a universal whitening system that will work on every type of stained teeth.  This is the KOR Whitening System.

There are no strips, blue lights, or one-hour bleaching gimmicks.  We have found that these procedures cannot produce significant results on all patients  The KOR System is whitening that works.  Period.  It works on teeth that are stained from years of coffee, soda, and even smoking.  The KOR Whitening system is the only technique that can truly eliminate stains on teeth due to medicines like tetracycline.  The KOR System also has numerous processes to significantly reduce the sensitivity that can occur with other whitening products.  The technique utilizes either at-home whitening or a combination of in-office bleaching with at-home bleaching.  The treatment is unique and personalized based on your degree of staining.

Our office recommends this powerful bleaching system to anyone searching for whiter teeth.  We are confident that, unlike our favorite snowman, you won’t regret it.  Contact us for further information or to schedule your appointment today!

emergency dental xenia

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SENSIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR SENSITIVE TEETH (spring valley dentist/xenia dentist)

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(spring valley dentist/xenia dentist)


image credit – thetoothking.com

(Reprinted in part from myvistadentalcare.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/tooth-sensitivity-a-quick-guide-2/)

Suffering from sensitive teeth?  Before we go any further, here is a great video from Oral-B.  If you can tolerate the ads at the end, you’ll see that it does a great job of explaining what tooth sensitivity is and what causes it:



So now that you can consider yourself informed on tooth sensitivity, here are a few things you should keep in mind if you experience it.

  1. Talk to your dentist:  This is a MUST!  Maybe you have already done this – if so, great job!  Just be sure to let you dentist know if the amount of sensitivity you experience increases or decreases.  Tooth sensitivity lessening or disappearing may seem like a good thing, but it should still be discussed to ensure the change is not being caused by another health issue.  If you haven’t talked with your dentist about this issue, you should do so ASAP.
  2. Buying specialized toothpaste is a good choice.  If you have sensitive teeth and have not opted to purchase specially formulated toothpaste for sensitive toothpaste, don’t wait!  Make sure that you pick a toothpaste that is fluoridated and NOT tartar-controlled.  Here are a few ADA-sealed toothpastes that are formulated for tooth sensitivity and contain fluoride.
  3. Tempted to take shortcuts with brushing?  NOT a good idea!  Tooth Sensitivity = Sensitive Teeth!  So brushing your teeth might not be a great experience.  But not properly brushing your teeth could lead to other oral health problems and the last thing you need is more aches and discomfort to your mouth!  So pick up that soft-bristled toothbrush and brush gently (and especially gently around your gums) for two minutes twice a day.
  4. We have solutions!  We offer services that can help you with your tooth sensitivity including dentin sealers, fluoride varnishes, and white fillings and bondings.  Contact us if you have questions or just request an appointment!

Remember, you don’t have to put up with tooth sensitivity.  We can help!

(spring valley dentist/xenia dentist)





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FALL IS IN THE AIR… Xenia Dentist/Dentist Xenia/Affordable Dentist Xenia

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Xenia Dentist/Dentist Xenia/Affordable Dentist Xenia


image credit : pinterest.com

The days are getting cooler and shorter, pumpkin patches are appearing everywhere, and that busy time of year (aka the Holidays) is rapidly approaching!  That can mean only one thing:  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THOSE UNUSED DENTAL BENEFITS!  (You thought I was going to tell you to start holiday shopping, right?)

Most dental insurance companies, along with flexible spending and HSA accounts have a roll-over in January.  That means any benefits that are unused in 2016 will be LOST FOREVER!  New maximums and new deductibles go into effect as well.  So…the moral of the story is if you are overdue for your professional cleaning or have been putting off dental treatment, now is the time!

Your overall health and wellness are very important to us.  If you are unsure about your dental needs or the status of your benefits please call us, we are happy to help!

Xenia Dentist/Dentist Xenia/Affordable Dentist Xenia

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by Lee Anne Austria on July 25, 2016 , Comments Off on TOOTH TRAUMA – ACCIDENTS HAPPEN BUT ACTING QUICKLY CAN SAVE SMILES emergency dental

emergency dental

AA039620According to the 2013 Delta Dental Children’s Oral Health Survey, 1 out of 10 children ages 10 or 11 has had a tooth emergency such as a knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, or a loosened permanent tooth at home or at school.  “Dental emergencies can range from biting the lip or tongue to more severe cases such as a completely knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, or a loosened permanent tooth,”  says Dr. Shannon Mills, DDS, vice president for professional relations and science at Northeast Delta Dental.  “It is important that caretakers and family members know how to react quickly to a dental emergency, especially in the case of a permanent tooth that has been knocked out.”

The primary concern should be getting the child in to see a dentist.  Time is crucial if you want the dentist to be able to reinsert and salvage the natural tooth.  Ideally, a child needs to be seen within 30 minutes of the accident.  Whether a tooth is knocked out at school,home, or while participating in a sport, here are several steps to ensure it is saved – or at least in optimal condition – by the time the child sees the dentist.

  • First check to make sure the child does not have a serious head, neck, or other orofacial injury (i.e. a concussion, broken jaw, etc.)  If there is a head, jaw, or neck injury, take the child to the emergency room immediately.
  • Do not replace a displaced baby tooth!  Trying to reinsert it could damage the permanent tooth coming in behind it.
  • To avoid infection, the tooth should be held by the crown, not the root.  The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible while it is in the mouth.  You want to leave the root intact, and touching it with your hands could pass bacteria.
  • Rinse any debris off the tooth under room temperature water.  Do not scrub the root!  Once the tooth is free of loose dirt and debris, try to reinsert it, asking them child to hold it in place using a piece of gauze if necessary.
  • If the tooth cannot be successfully reinserted, it needs to stay moist until the child can see a dentist.  Store the tooth in a clean container and cover it with milk or room temperature water to help prevent it from drying out.l  These liquids are not ideal, but are often the only ones readily available.
  • If you are a school nurse or your child frequently plays contact sports, purchase an emergency bag that includes a “save-a-tooth” kit (available at most drugstores.)  These contain a solution that is better at preserving any live cells on the tooth root until the dentist can put the tooth back into the socket.

Tooth injuries are not life threatening in most cases; however, they can be very scary especially to a young child and sometimes they can have long-lasting effects on the child’s appearance and self-confidence, so it is important to act quickly in the event of a dental emergency.

We are very friendly and love to share so be sure to visit our Website Blog, Pinterest Page, and Facebook Page for helpful tips and humor all with you and your dental health in mind!

emergency dental


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SMOKING AND YOUR ORAL HEALTH – THE 411 ( emergency dental )

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emergency dental


image credit: canadianfamily.ca

Most of us know smoking is bad…bad for overall health, bad for those who hang out with smokers (second-hand smoke), bad during pregnancy, bad for your lungs, bad since nicotine is highly addictive, this list goes on and on.  In this blog we are focusing on smoking and oral health.  Read on to learn some things of which you may not be aware.

Smoking can negatively impact your oral health in a number of ways, some obvious, some not so obvious:


  • Reduced blood flow and the supply of vital nutrients to gums, including Vitamin C.  Without proper nutrients, gum disease and bone loss can develop and even tooth loss.
  • Decreased amount of saliva.  Saliva is important for cleaning the mouth and preventing tooth decay.
  • Smoking affects the appearance of teeth, making them discolored with the yellow and brown stains that nicotine and tar leave behind.
  • Inflammation of the roof of the mouth.
  • Bad Breath
  • Lost sense of taste.

Most importantly, smoking causes oral cancer.  More than 43,000 Americans and 4,000 Canadians were expected to be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer in 2015, resulting in more than 8,000 deaths, or about one per hour.  If oropharyngeal (throat) cancer is included, the number of expected deaths increases to more than 15,000 per year.

Cigar smoking is NOT safe because cigars contain the same toxic and carcinogenic compounds that cigarettes do.  Cigar smoking increases your risk for oral cancer, lung cancer, and larynx and esophageal cancers.  Smokeless tobacco use increases the risk for developing gum disease as well as gum recession (the pulling away of gum from the teeth.)  Smokeless tobacco users are 4 to 6 more times likely to develop oral cancer from chewing tobacco.  In fact, the area of your mouth where smokeless tobacco is placed is 50 times more likely to be a site of oral cancer.


The use of battery-operated electronic nicotine-delivery systems, such as electronic cigarettes, is not recommended.  E-cigarettes have grown in popularity over the past decade and there is currently not a lot of research available about how they may affect your health.  However, experts say the nicotine inhalation that occurs while using an e-cigarette can cause susceptibility to bacteria buildup in the mouth, as well as tooth decay and dry mouth.

After all of that, CAN I QUIT?

The nicotine found in tobacco products is highly addictive, so quitting can be difficult.  But there are ways to successfully stop using tobacco.  These include nicotine replacement therapies, such as nasal spray and inhalers, patches, and gum and lozenges, all of which are available over the counter.  A variety of prescription medications are available as well.  For some, smoking-cessation support groups also are a very helpful resource in the quitting process and they are available in both in-person and online community formats.

If you’re a smoker, it’s never too late to quit.  Research has shown that quitting at any age will improve health and increase longevity.  Talk with your dentist or other health care provider for more information on how to quit.

reprinted in part from AGD Impact/January 2016/Fact Sheet/Smoking

emergency dental

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CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE xenia ohio dentist

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xenia ohio dentist
It seems strange to place middle-aged adults in the same category as BLT’s and PB&J’s.  But instead of 2 slices of bread, adults are finding themselves financially “sandwiched” between 2 generations:  Their children and aging parents.  This dual responsibility isn’t new but it’s now more costly than ever.  On one end, parents are supporting their children past the age of 18.  On the other, seniors are living longer but may not have the savings to match their longevity.  And this means the middle generation is footing both bills – including dental costs.  Here are some tips to help reduce dental costs:


Keep ahead of any future costs by focusing on preventive care.  Instill good oral health habits at a young age, schedule regular dental exams anduse your benefits to help avoid any future restorative costs.


As your children get older, it’s important to set expectations.  This includes their dental care and determining who will be responsible for co-pays, dental bills and overall benefit costs.  Although adult children are eligible to stay on your benefits until they turn 26, it may make financial sense if they sought out their own plan sooner.  Talk to them about their options and financial capabilities.


Aging seniors often have a hard time accessing dental care.  Some possibilities to get them covered:

  • Look at a long-term health plan.  If your parents are not yet dependent on your financial assistance, have them consider a long-term plan as a safety net.
  • Supplement their Medicare plan.  Medicare does not cover routine dental care, but certain supplement plans and resources can help lower costs.  Learn what these resources are and if they financially make sense for your family.
  • Seek out an affordable individual plan.  Many providers have affordable coverage for seniors over 65.  Learn about some options here.
  • Claim them as a dependent.  The IRS will allow you to claim an elderly parent if the meet certain criteria.  But this option is not always guaranteed for insurance purposes.  Check with your provider to see if this is an option.
  • Don’t forget about yourself.  By being both a caregiver to your children and your parents, it’s easy to neglect your needs.  Be sure to take care of yourself by maintaining your health, using your insurance plan, and keeping up-to-date with your dental appointments.  If possible avoid dipping into your retirement savings to pay for your family’s health costs.  Your financial future could depend on these costs and spending this money could mean passing on financial loss to your children.

Remember:  BE GOOD TO YOURSELF.  Love, honor, and value yourself.  And seek support from others in the same position.  There is great strength in knowing you are not alone.

(reprinted in part from www.deltadentalnjblog.com/2016/4/caught-middle-insurance-tips-sandwich-generation/

xenia ohio dentist

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