FROSTY’S DILEMNA emergency dental xenia

by Lee Anne Austria on January 5, 2017 , Comments Off on FROSTY’S DILEMNA emergency dental xenia


emergency dental xenia

Is 2017 the year you’re going to make your smile whiter and brighter?  If so, we have great news:  After spending a significant amount of time researching all of the whitening treatments available, Dr. Austria is excited to offer a universal whitening system that will work on every type of stained teeth.  This is the KOR Whitening System.

There are no strips, blue lights, or one-hour bleaching gimmicks.  We have found that these procedures cannot produce significant results on all patients  The KOR System is whitening that works.  Period.  It works on teeth that are stained from years of coffee, soda, and even smoking.  The KOR Whitening system is the only technique that can truly eliminate stains on teeth due to medicines like tetracycline.  The KOR System also has numerous processes to significantly reduce the sensitivity that can occur with other whitening products.  The technique utilizes either at-home whitening or a combination of in-office bleaching with at-home bleaching.  The treatment is unique and personalized based on your degree of staining.

Our office recommends this powerful bleaching system to anyone searching for whiter teeth.  We are confident that, unlike our favorite snowman, you won’t regret it.  Contact us for further information or to schedule your appointment today!

emergency dental xenia