by Lee Anne Austria on March 26, 2015 , Comments Off on “HEALTHY” SWAPS THAT AREN’T-YOUR DENTIST ADVOCATES OVERALL HEALTH!

eat thisAt Brilliant Smiles, we are advocates for your overall health.  With that being said, we are always on the lookout for good recommendations to pass along to our patients!  Check out this advice from Eat This Not That, the world-wide best selling series of books that guide readers to nutritionally sound food and menu choices.  This latest list grabbed our attention because many of the substitutions which would normally be considered better choices on paper, may not actually be better for you!  Click here to see why some of those “healthy” suggestions may be misleading!

As a dentist that provides the highest quality of dental care along with top-notch customer service, we are excited to expand our focus to include overall health and wellness.  Click here to learn why!