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Painless Biological Dentistry

iPlus Enables Painless Biological Dentistry. For cavity preparation, it is often painless and shots are often avoided. Micro-fractures or thermal damage of teeth is minimized, due to no vibration. The laser is clean and precise, with minimally invasive cavity preparation. Discomfort is based on individual sensitivity to pain, and other factors, so not all patients can be treated without anesthetic. However, dentists using WaterLase to perform typical cavity preparations report not using anesthetic in the majority of cases. The iPlus is also excellent for periodontal disease and other gum related micro-surgeries.

Our Clients

  • “Brilliant Smiles dispels the legendary myths about visiting the dentist’s office. It’s a sheer pleasure to have such excellent care. I simply love my dentist! I’m looking forward to the completion of the new addition. Who doesn’t love the idea of “massaging chairs”?”

    Vali S.
  • Always very professional and personable at the same time, Dr. Austria has a talent of numbing your mouth so well that it is done without the pain that I used to associate with going to the dentist!

    Sharron Leach
  • "Consistently smiling, friendly, while maintaining high quality and professional care."

    Sherrie D.